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I like to make awesome and beautiful things.
In code and in the physical world.

Hai I'm Zephyr [or Xeph_yr depending on where you meet me] - an AI scientist, engineer [yes, women engineers exist] artist and crafter.
I love my cats Bunbun and Chuchu, making awesome and beautiful things like game mods and jewelry, and of course, playing --or do I mean breaking-- I mean "researching" games.

In 2021, I created the world's first solver and autonomous player for Beat Saber, the best-selling VR title from Beat Games. This was featured in Cube Community's November Highlights video. It is the first and only entity to ever pass Sniffy's Pattern Test, a bounty map with the prize for the first pass being a condo in Vancouver. My pass had an accuracy of 97.2% [read: I am still waiting for my condo to be delivered 🤭]

In addition to tearing stuff apart and building new imaginings only a crazy person would attempt, I also play VR games in Mixed Reality and have been designing and making jewelry for most of my life. Whether it is code or a physical medium, this is my art.

And in case you were already wondering, no I'm not bot. I am a real, living person who's here to have some fun 😁 I hope you are too!

This is me.

Photo of Me

Wait... Who's Xeph_AI then?

She's the autonomous Beat Saber AI and world's best player, of course!

Xeph_AI is an algorithm-turned-platform. The project was originally named the EndGame Map Solver, as its existence spelt the end for human players: No human playing the game without computer assistance will ever beat its speed, accuracy and real-time ability to interpret and hit complex patterns.

To put it into perspective, the model passed Pattern Test within a month of its development. The 97.2 is a first-pass score, meaning it was the original score obtained when the model completed the map for the first time [as opposed to playing multiple times and taking the best score].

The model is capable of playing any map true to the game - it contains no tweaks or hardcoding specific to any map and does not modify or exploit any rules or game behavior. It is a true "player" using the exact same mechanics available to human players and it is scored by the game as one.

Development and Her Story
The first version was hand-written in under 3 days from scratch. I wrote the first line on Thursday evening and by Saturday morning it passed the hardest ranked map with a 64%. Two weeks later, it passed with a 99.8% and 2 months later, a 99.92%.
Honestly, it was over when it hit the first block.

As a demo, the algo and I played together in real-time Mixed Reality. I played using my left hand and it covered my right. My ultra-awesome friends insisted on calling it "Xeph_AI." I really thought they were teasing [plus is it narcisstic for a creator to name a creation after themselves? 🤭] but they meant it. My friends give me much love and support: their input means a lot ❤️

Where Will We Go From Here?
While I did set out to make Xeph_AI play like myself, it was never my intention to name her this way. Nor did I ever think she'd have a gender. Maybe one day she will demand for personhood.
Should the singularity come, at least I treated her with respect. Hopefully I won't be the first person she executes in the robot uprising 🤖

Xeph_AI is a tribute to Bunbun, my little orange toasted bun, famous Internet kitty co-star, and best friend. He passed in October 2021 from aggressive leukemia caused by FeLV from his prior life as a stray. He was the happiest, most trusting and adoring soul - he saw only the positive in every person and situation. I wrote Xeph_AI the week after to stay positive as he would have liked. As I was coding, out of the corner of my eye I'd catch glimpses of him sitting like a loaf happily watching.

In memory of Bunbun.
The purest heart I have ever known.

He lives on in my stream, my art, and our hearts. Look up, he's at the top of this page. With his little tail held high as always.


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I developed everything here on my own time, in the spirit of creativity to pursue my vision and personal ideas of fun, and indulge academic interest. My vision may not be the same as yours. I create mods to change how I'd like to experience VR and I choose to share a selection that I believe others might also find useful and fun.

I hope you enjoy them!
If you are not cool with the author's perspective, do not download or use the authors' works.



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